L.O.MAR. di Gigli Sergio e C. S.n.c. -

L.O.Mar it is a small sized craft enterprise held by Sergio, who with great professionalism and skills gained over decades take care of the productions of international clients. Sergio is the ultimate specialist of the lathe. He works marble, stones and onyx. Albeit equipped with a full range of advanced machinery Sergio is still working with the traditional techniques in a lot of processes L.O.mar is capable to deliver both massive order as selective production which have as real strength the hand made quality.

In this time where the reason of production has changed, moving from the massive numbers to the small series of fine objects, this feature of the firm has become the central point of its commercial policy. “The artisanal approach that always make us stand out was the reason why major brands of interiors design complements and furniture chose us to make their marble components. Last but not least, in the recent years also the upcoming designers have shown a vivid interest for the knowledge of traditional marble techniques generating a new bloom for the local crafts.”



+39  0584 798052

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