The innovation is applied to different levels: product, process and organizational set-up. Due its particular networking APUANA CORPORATE delivers innovation at 360° being outstandingly effective and efficient at the same time.
The innovations and the researches carried by AC are inspired to the principles of JUGAAD INNOVATION. This practice tend to put the focus on connections rather than follow the common research process making easier the fine tuning, the launch on the market of every sort of innovation. It also keeps costs under control and makes possible to work on different projects simultaneously. Delegation and trust are the key to success.

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How can we proof to our customers that our products are genuine? This was the first question we asked to ourselves while we were thinking about operate into a global market where the scams related to the fakes “Made in Italy” are right behind the corner. We ended up thinking that the only way to work this out lies in being as clear and transparent as possible.
APUANA CORPORATE relies on the cooperation of artisans and professionals who work on the Italian territory. These people the designers, the artists are all visible on the AC website into a dedicated section. The customer can keep track of each step of the productive process and the people involved in it. In fact if requested it is possible to get a code which allows to retrace the whole actual productive chain.

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Although the AC’s network is informal we defined guidelines that help us to keep clear the relations and roles of the member of our community. The sum of these guidelines has been turned into a symbiotic organizational system which is been awarded multiple times for its innovative nature and now it is waiting for the validation of an international scientific commission through a project sponsored by the European community.
The process-method, named as Social Media Production Planning (SMPP), aims to apply into a network made by small sized artisan-enterprises the LEAN-MANUFACTURING tenets, keeping at the same time the autonomy and the identity of these realities. This choice goes in the direction of the optimization of the quality of the production instead of its quantity. It is focused on the organization of the productive process from the moment of the order till the shipping, avoiding so the wasting of time, materials and spaces.

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This project looks farther than the mere profit’s results, it takes in account the needs of everyone and possibly everything. In this time, topic such social issues and environment protection are getting the right exposure even in the market where the companies are asked to be sustainable. In this scenario Apuana Corporate is a pioneer and leader, by following more restrictive protocols over the already good ones normally adopted in the stone manufacturing sector, proves its respectful attitude.
An example of such strict approach to this matter is embodied by the system JUST IN TIME-MADE FOR YOU, within which the principles of the LEAN, toward the optimization of the stock are associated to the will to minimize the waste of the natural non renewable resources. The GAP-CYCLE for instance, is a specific project designed to recover as much as possible swarf and processing scraps, turning them into brand new objects. The packaging is made by following the same track: avoiding oil-derivatives, using only materials totally recyclable. Last but not least: the research carried by Apuana Corporate looking for natural materials to pair up with marble in order to reduce the environmental impact of its product when they will ended up their life.

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The adventure’s spirit leads us to re-define continuously our limits. Something that to others may be an exception for the artisans, designers and artists of APUANA CORPORATE represent the ordinary. In this time, in which everything gets tremendously virtual and the dematerialization has become a must, only the passion can keep us on dealing with natural materials and their own issues, whether they are marble, ceramics, metals, wood or glass, every single artisan of our network has the skills required to bring into reality the ideas of designers and artists. Even those who work with the most advantage technology share with us the approach of whom is used to work with his mind and his own hands.

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