Gap Cycle is a project invented and developed by Apuana Corporate. The target of the project is to recover and turn into something useful the processing scraps.  Not restricted to the marble workflow the project is made possible by the help of the crafters who applied to it in the area between Carrara, Massa and Pietrasanta.

During the serial productive process are many the semi-finished items that, for different reasons, end up to the trash.  Beside being a total waste of time, energy and raw material handle such waste disposal is very expensive. In fact for the disposal of stones requires to collect the scraps into a dedicated boxes first, then bring them to companies which transform them into granules and aggregates. The problem is that oftentimes end up into the boxes also the finest and precious quality of marble still in conditions (shape and dimensions)  to be processed by other companies. This means that by recovering these pieces would be possible to create value added instead of paying for the disposal process.

How to make this come through?

As usual Apuana Corporate preferred to create a system rather than making a single specific recycle project. The Gap Cycle’s System aims to reconsider the idea of scraps itself: by taking advantage of the shared skills and knowledge of an entire community we transform a cost for one firm into a resource for another one.

The process is really well explained step-by-step within the document “GAP Cycle istruzioni per l’uso” licensed as CC-SA.

Beside being voted to a more aware usage of the raw materials, this project pursue the reactivation of the local crafts. Through the development of creative solutions, result of the cooperation between designers, artist and artisans; we want to promote sustainable productions, both social and environmental.

The products of Gap Cycle are the amount of scraps available are limited edition.  Like wise the other AC’s standard items Gap Cycle’s objects are available on Amazon. You can purchase them directly from the designer and the artisans who made them.

Please have a look to these products by checking the project’s gallery. You may also fancy find them out among the others, you can recognize them due the fact they are double branded. By buying one or more of them you will help our network to grow.

We also would like to invite those with creativity who may like to participate to this project to apply emailing to by making this you will have the chance to see first the batches of the available material and become a member of our community!!!

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