Sofia Crescioli & Giulio Bogani -

StudioAlchemico in named the brand held by the two designers: Sofia Crescioli and Giulio Bogani. It was started with the intention to open up a window on the design’s world through a synthetic vision of different cultural elements. The designer has to recognize the interesting parts within the available things and transform them into something new by smartly merging them.  The key is to make research through design and make design through research. The target is to make simple, nice and functional object for the customers and why not, make money out of them for the persons involved to their production.

Since she was child Sofia Crescioli showed a particular interest in how the things are made. She used to open up, disassemble and reassemble everything she can grab. Her room was filled by strange wooden creatures held up by the wire and glue stolen from the grandparents. After the years spent working with the clay at art school of Florence she decided to keep on doing her research on how the things are made and attended at the University of Florence the Design department. After graduation she cooperates with the Foundation TEMA into a project for the innovation with crafts. She draws with passion to output her inner creativity.

Born in a full mooned winter solstice , Giulio Bogani embodies all strengths (and flaws) of such combination: enthusiastic, determined (sometime to much) but most of all curious. Since he was child he shows interest toward everything. During his studies he changed five time school and three degree’s courses. He ended up to get graduated in History at the University of Florence, in the meanwhile he kept on his interests about writing, photography, and communication in general. At the moment, after his master graduation in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, is attending the bachelor in Politic Sciences at the University of Florence. Not satisfied by all of this he started to think about becoming a designer.

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