The ceramic firm NUOVEFORME was founded in 1993 taking the heritage of the previous ceramic firm Alvino Bagni, interpreter of styles and trend of Italian and international design and art for over than half century. Since its very beginning NUOVEFORME keeps on doing the same process of research on materials and techniques of decoration started in the far 1946 by Alvino into his factory-atelier.

The enormous amount of samples has become today an actual museum of collections, unique pieces and prototypes: an heritage jealousy held by the new firm. Within the same spirit NUOVEFORME gained a position in the market. Into the niches that are requesting small productions, the “almost unique” piece NUOVEFORME plays a role of protagonist with its strengths: quality of the processes, skills and experience of the artisans. In the continuous seeking for new expression beside the renewal of the historical archive is running the cooperation with artist, architects and interior designers on new projects. The flexibility of the productive chain is given by the chance to externalize the semi-finished phases of work, onto firm partners. The glazing and the decoration as the quality control and the shipping are executed internally in order to provide their clients with the best possible quality. This kind of organization allows to be responsive and competitive into the market.

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