MAURO MORELLI MARMI di Claudio Morelli -

For four decades the company produced marble bases for trophies. The peak of production was reached in 2007 with over a 1.3M pieces. Since then, within few years due the harsh financial crisis, the current executive decided to take a radical choice: from the industrial production the firm goes back to its roots, into a mix of craft and Hi-Tech innovation. In 2013 the firm patented a water based printing system for stone surfaces. Right after that, APUANA CORPORATE starts, the informal network of which it is leader at the moment. All the resources are now channeled toward the commercial development of the structure aiming on innovation of the processes, products and the organizational model, on professional training and internationalization. The final target is to get back to be a simple crafter, a gear of a network, which respect people and serve them, avoiding to consider them as numbers at the service of the capital. The role of MMM in APUANA CORPORATE is to connect with the finishing and fine tuning, coordination of the production, packaging, logistics and shipping of the sold products.

In the same time, as independent craft enterprise it will keep on doing digital printing on every sort of support… including marble.

+39 0585 840365

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