Maria Laura Sala & Ambra Pisati -

Maria Laura Sala e Ambra Pisati are two young upcoming designers just came out from LABA (Libera Acaademia Belle Arti) of Brescia, they were both graduated in Industrial Design in 2014. During the studies they used to share everything: chats, projects, the miles of road in between Zappello and Casalmorano and vice-versa, alarm clock set early in order to not miss the dawn, countless walks through foggy weatfields, endless night at the computer, travels, adventures and dreams. From the very beginning the project, feeling was absolute, sharing the same vision, they work with passion and joy. Encouraged by their enthusiasm they started their career in 2014, when the idea of Arful spontaneously came out.

Artful is a start-up about design for firms, it studies new concepts and products for thirds, and, in the same time developing its own brand of self produced objects. The team cares every step of the project: from the design to the communication through the production and distribution. Artful claims to give visibility to the Bel Design Italiano of the newer generations.

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