Davide Aquini -

Born in Venice in 1982, studies advertising graphics in the hometown, since 2001 he worked for web and advertising agencies. In 2007 is back to school to improve his skills in product and interaction design attending two courses in Padova and Milan. Then he begins his career as freelance. These days he is working on design, either industrial and artisanal being in contact at the same time with big factories, as professional; and to the world of crafts where he plays the role of the self-producer. Member of ADI Veneto, he is also teaching Graphics at IED of Venice.

“It is probably the reaction to my bidimensional formation (graphics-drawings), that makes me feel this deep attraction for the actual materials, those which going beyond their appearances show their straight nature by not pretending to be another material or hide their flaws; from this urge came out my approach to marble”

+39 320.6354231

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