A.D. MARMI di Pucciarelli – Dragone & C. S.n.c. -

The firm AD Marmi Snc, counts on the decades of experience of its artisans. It is always looking to deliver as much a possible a complete service regarding the stone work. The high quality standards adopted in the labor combined to a serious professionalism make the enterprise succeed on the market. The accuracy is pursued from the selection of the material through the whole process to finishing. We aim to empathize the features and the beauty of each material, that’s why we make every time an unique object. We do love our work and we want to improve the quality of it, this is the reason why you will always see us trying to bring thing to a next level. By thinking in this way give support to designers and creative is the natural course of events for AD Marmi. Enthusiasm and a synergic approach of the designer is all that we need in order to turn a simple drawing into outstanding object.



+39 0585 842815


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